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Hands-on Cyber Security training for SW professionals

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Join now for only 1337 DKK for the rest of the year!

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So far we have 10+ courses, and we are continuously adding more: Every course consists of both learning material and interactive challenges - all available through a browser. We are in the final round of polishing, and that's why you can get on board for just 1337 kr. for the rest of the year.

Most Relevant Cyber Security Topics

Our learning content is continuously updated based on relevant and hot topics within cyber security i.e. OWASP Top 10 etc.

Each Path Has Unique Tasks

Subscribe to a world of unique tasks for your team. The platform is based on Gamification, which gives a strong involvement.

Upskilling For Your Entire Team

Based on state-of-the-art research, our platform is designed and built to provide the very best Cyber Security Education for your whole team!

How does it work? What is the magic behind this platform?

A combination of knowledge, strong ambitions, and a background in research and learning methods gives you:

  • An easy start on the topic of Hands-on Cyber Security
  • The ability to protect yourself and navigate the ocean of Cyber Threats
  • The ability to think like the hacker
  • A way to excel in your position as Software Professional
  • A new career path, should you wish to explore the world of Cyber Security even more!

Start your journey to become the future Cyber Security Expert!

Our hacker-labs are not to be compared with any other multiple-choice course, or heavy book-reading exercise. This is pure fun, with documented learning achievements!

  • Obtain learning Certificate after succeeded course
  • Acknowledged material, designed by security experts
  • Tight collaboration with Universities and Consortiums
  • We develop the next generation Cyber experts by providing free access for the Danish Cyber Community!

Cyber Security Training developed in Europe

No more falling behind, no more wasting money on platforms that are expensive and do not provide the necessary outcome. We have a proven competency lift for large and medium-sized companies. If you work with software of any kind on a daily basis, our platform will ensure that you or your team will have better assessment when developing features and products. IT (& OT) Security does not only happen within the IT department, it happens in all aspects of the company where systems or software are present. We are based in Denmark, and all our development and server components are running within the European Union.

How do I get access?

The platform itself requires an active subscription. Right now we are running an early bird sale for 1337 DKK for the rest of the year.

Get s'more knowledge
The platform works directly from your browser. It is possible (but not required) to configure a VPN to access the virtual hacker labs.
There are no strict prerequisites to get started. Some exercises present the platform and some present the different Operating Systems used. The level of the exercises increases and varies from no prerequisites to deep technical knowledge. Luckily, you will gain this knowledge by using the platform.
Our cyber security training is tailored for software and IT professionals. If you are not a professional, but have an interest within cyber security, the platform is also for you. We cover many professions, and even students of software or cyber security can use the platform to gain very deep knowledge within most topics of cyber security.
The platform is available as a continuous training service. As we develop new exercises, these will be made available in the platform. For enterprises or teams, we also do workshops, talks and presentations as part of the training.

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